Kalpravriksha Screenprinted Bags

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Kalpravriksha Screenprinted Bags

As a designer, I don’t always get the chance to see my finished, printed work. Many times I’ll send design files off to a client and that’ll be the end of it. So I  was pretty excited to receive the following little gem in the mail over the weekend:

This hand-stitched, and self-printed bag is part of the marketing collateral for Kalpravriksha, a renewable energy business located  in a small village in Nepal. Kalpravriksha is the brainchild of Sita (pictured below), and supported by Empower Generation (EG), a social enterprise start-up which invests in women entrepreneurs to prevent human trafficking and combat poverty through renewable energy businesses.

This particular logo design process was a challenge, as common printing options are unavailable in Sita’s village. As a result, we optimized the logo for screen-printing and guided Sita and her cohorts through the self-printing process. They turned out beautifully, with just enough small blemishes to make each bag unique. They should be on sale at some point in the future, so keep checking back with EG.

You can find out more about EG and Kalpravriksha on EG’s blog. And if you like what you see, maybe you could take a second to vote for their project in the Dell social innovation challenge. If they win, EG will use the funding to support more entrepreneurs like Sita.

Sita at the site of her greater goods shop


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