5 (and counting) Essential Reads on Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 Campaign

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Since you’re reading this, I can easily assume you use the internet. Which means you’ve no doubt seen the slew of posts about Joseph Kony surfacing over the past few days. The posts are part of a new campaign spearheaded by Invisible Children, a nonprofit organization that has been working with child soldiers in Northern […]

Kalpravriksha Screenprinted Bags

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Kalpravriksha Screenprinted Bags

As a designer, I don’t always get the chance to see my finished, printed work. Many times I’ll send design files off to a client and that’ll be the end of it. So I  was pretty excited to receive the following little gem in the mail over the weekend: This hand-stitched, and self-printed bag is […]

Rescue Me.

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Yesterday I left work to find that my car had died. Unfortunately, I know nothing about cars. Those moments in a teenager’s life when he’s supposed to learn what makes cars go, I was busy figuring out what made computers go. So you can probably imagine my panic when I got in my car last […]

New Website!

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Hey Everyone, Still putting the finishing touches on the website – Check back soon for new posts on Design Inspiration, Photograpy, Writing, and more.